Dollar Tree Haul

Yesterday, I made a routine stop at the Dollar Tree.  It's a great place to grab things like toothbrushes, garbage cans, cheap socks, candles, and lots of other goodies.  It's also, fortunately, a great place sometimes to get beauty products.  Where I live, I have more than one Dollar Tree which is a good thing, because you really need to hit each one once every month or so to get the "good" stuff.  Anyway, here's the items I got yesterday for a whopping total of $7.00.

As most of you are aware, most items at dollar stores are there because they weren't selling in regular stores.  I got a little bit excited when I saw that White Rain's paraban-free, Boutique Collection items were on the shelves!  I grabbed all five.  Here we have the shea butter body lotion and the gentle facial scrub.

Continuing with the White Rain, we have the facial cleanser & makeup remover, and the daily foot & heel cream.

The last of the White Rain Botique Collections items:  moisturizing shower gel.  I cannot wait to use these products!  I'll let you know how they work.

Of course, I cannot go into the Dollar Tree without buying some makeup, and yesterday was no exception.  I don't really wear much blush because I have a rosy complexion, but I do have a bronze one, and kind of needed another.  I grabbed this pretty pink L.A. Colors one.  Then, because I need some more matte shades of eyeshadow, I got this cute little elf palette that I will use today.

So there you have it, my Dollar Tree haul!  Hope you enjoyed this, and go hit up a dollar store today.  ;)


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