A Visit to L'Occitane

My favorite beauty vlogger, Julia Graf, has mentioned L'Occitane a few times in her videos.  She often gets product sent to her to try out or for giveaways, and I can remember one time in particular when she said that L'Occitane's foaming makeup remover worked great.  She said she could use it safely on her eyes, and that it even removed the waterproof stuff.  

The other day, I made a trip to Trader Joe's to get a few items, and I had noticed a L'Occitane store in the strip mall surrounding it.  So, I decided to make a quick pit stop there.  I was pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service the two ladies working gave me!  Even though I couldn't stay long, and didn't purchase anything, they gave me some awesome samples!  They even bagged it up cutely.  

So here we go:  

 Here is the product booklet I grabbed, and next to it is the cute little bag of samples they gave me.  They even sprayed the red paper in the bag with some parfume.  Very nice.

 Here we have the Amande milk concentrate body lotion with almond oil.  It's supposed to visibility make your skin look smooth and firmer.  Next to that is the Creme Mains.  It is highly-concentrated in shea butter, and is designed for dry hands without leaving that pesky oily feeling.

 The top two are facial moisturizers.  The first one is a gel and provides 24 hours of moisture, while the other one is a creme and provides 48 hours of moisture.  Not too shabby!  The bottom sample, Divine Eyes, is strictly an eye cream that is supposed to firm the skin, achieving a youthful look.

 This is a sample of a conditioner designed to restore hair that is dry and damaged.

 These are samples of what I believe to be a few of their signature "blue" items.  The first, Precious Cream, is a facial moisturizer that claims to visibly reduce wrinkles, while the other, Precious Eye Balm, is along the same lines, but is designed for use around the eyes.

 This is the tiny spoon they gave me to use with the "blue" Precious Eye balm.  One needs a chocolate chip-sized portion.

 Here is the product booklet I snagged.

 A page talking about the Divine Eyes, a sample of which I have.

Another page describing their "blue" Precious line.  

Overall, it was a good experience.  Every Thursday, starting when the store opens, you can come in for free facials and other product demos.  You can bet I'll be going very soon!


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