The Ghosts of Seven Sisters Road

According to urban legend, one evening in the 1900s, a father snapped and hung each of his seven daughters from the limbs of seven trees along a country road in Nebraska. Another version is virtually the same except this time it's the angry son who hauled each of his seven sisters after a heated argument, one by one, out of the house and hung them on the seven trees that sit atop the seven hills on the road they lived on.

Whether the story is true or not, the legend has persisted for over a hundred years and while the hills are either gone or eroded over that time, the road is still very much there. It sits about five miles south of Nebraska City and is now officially known as L Road. Local lore states that screams and/or groans of the sisters' disgruntled spirits can be heard in the otherwise quiet darkness, and the dimming of car lights - or cars simply stalling - while traveling on the road is common.

Because I'm an amateur ghost hunter and happen to live fairly close to Seven Sisters Road, I had thought about doing a proper investigation there for the past several years but had yet to get around to it. That changed last year when on a cold, dark, October Saturday night a few weeks before Halloween, I drove down in my car while my friend Jayne and her friend drove in a separate car. Why separately? Remember the stalled car part of local lore? Well, we weren't going to tempt fate that night.

At any rate, we made it there. It was cold, rainy, and dark...just the kind of evening you could expect for a ghost hunt. Unfortunately, my old GH equipment - like my EVP recorder - no longer works so I used an app that worked like a spirit box. I've taken screenshots of the words I received down below. They start from the bottom of each screen and work their way up.

The first thing I asked was, "Is there anyone here with us tonight?" to which I received the reply "Quiet." I'm guessing they didn't want us to talk.

For the most part, the answers didn't really jive with the word salad I was given and when asked about the words, I got more word salad.

I have to admit that I don't think this app is legit. But, it was worth a shot.

My friend's friend used a different app that uses the same kind of software that the Kinect uses. We could see a figure near the car for quite some time and my friend, Jayne, had one that really liked standing next to her. I'm adding a video I took of the app in question. I hope it shows up below.

All in all, while the vibe was spooky, the apps we used left much to be desired. Since I rarely do a GH, I just don't see the need to buy equipment. However, having said that, I think I will purchase another EVP recorder as I find the technology to be the most legitimate and has been my only real evidence in past hunts.

So, this wasn't the most exciting hunt I've ever shared with you guys but I didn't want to NOT share it with you either. I've been thinking lately about trying to put together another GH trip but with being a single mom and prioritizing travel with extra funds, it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. But, you never know, right? 



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