Sometimes It's Just Like That

Life has gotten in the way of me posting these last couple of weeks. Work, specifically, has been quite frustrating. Not only has my office been short-staffed every single day, but I've had a couple of crazy situations that ended up being complex, long, and not really being things I needed to be involved in. Throw in having a bigger than average workload and you have a recipe for job exhaustion. But, sometimes it's just like that. 

At least the adjoining weekends have been noteworthy.

The first weekend of April, I drove down to Missouri to spend the weekend with my friend Audrey. She had gotten us tickets to the KC Ren Fest's Kegs 'n Eggs event. It's an adult Easter egg hunt. I got about 8 eggs, 7 of which held candy. One egg, however, had a prize ticket in it. I won two wine glasses in this green bag.

There was also live music playing and you could get all the free booze samples you wanted. Booze samples came in these:

LOL Which is great except when you want to sit down and watch a band play with a full glass of a drink. So, my tactic was to get a shot (which is what the size of these samples really was) and then get a second one. I'd pour the sample into my prize wine glass and wander around getting samples that seemed like they'd mix well together and repeat.

So, I ended up getting three glasses altogether. Funny story: the first time I did this, I had the wine glass still in the green bag and the bag was taller than the glass. A woman saw me pour my sample into the bag, but not the glass. She stopped and asked, "Are you pouring beer into your BAG?!" I explained what was happening and we both had a good laugh.

I headed back home Sunday morning, making it back before noon. My bestie, Rebecca, picked up my daughter and me, so we could hike out at Hitchcock, one of my favorite spots. 

We took a hard trail, my first in a long time. Back on my healthy life path!

The next weekend, which was the past weekend, I took the kids to see one of my favorite bands from the 80s/90s - The Urge. Man, did they put on a hell of a show!

Sunday, we slept in, packed camp chairs, an outdoor blanket, snacks, and drinks, and headed to my local park, Elmwood Park. Like many city-dwellers, on a nice day, we gather in our green spaces to enjoy being outside. The kids laid out in the sun and I spent a long time with my bare feet on the ground.

Afterward, we drove through the old neighborhood and saw Not-My-Cat. It was a nice, 30-minute reunion.

Things have calmed down at work, and I have a few free weekends coming up, so I'll have those long-awaited posts up soon.

Until then, have a great week!



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