A No-Buy Year

In the few months leading up to the holidays (and during the holidays themselves), I spent more money than I had planned and had saved up for. This is why I recalculated my sinking fund for gifts and realized that I needed to make some adjustments. A great idea, to be sure, but I still need to solve the immediate issue of the overspending I did. 

I have to take care of the additional expenses I've incurred. So, I decided this year is going to be a no-buy year. What does a no-buy year entail? Well, it's where you only spend money on necessities, and nothing else. Necessities are things like rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities, gas for the car, household supplies (like toilet paper & shampoo), etc. 

Now, granted, I know how difficult this might be, even if the only money I wouldn't be spending is my meager "Fun Money" category. Still, I want to give it a go because it's not just holiday overspending on my mind. So, if I don't have any fun money to spend, won't I be bored this year? 

Not exactly:

1. I can, and will, utilize all my skills of taking day trips, indulging in free activities, and getting together with friends only using booze/food I already have. 

2. I purchased a concert ticket in 2023 for a show in May, so I have that to look forward to. My change jar has a good $40 in it, so I will hold on to that to buy a few drinks there.

3. My son lives a mere 45 minutes away so getting away for a weekend there won't go out of my fuel budget.

4. In October, I'm taking a trip overseas for 10 days. It was bought and paid for in 2023 (story on that later this year). The spending money will come from my Travel sinking fund which is a normal monthly expense that is part of my budget.

5. My budget is already calculated to include my two wine memberships: A quarterly wine club with a winery over in Iowa, and a monthly wine & cheese membership with a local wine merchant.

So, this whole exercise shouldn't be too difficult. Every few months I will update you on my progress!


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