The Write Life: Guess I'm a Liar


Last month, amidst a long spell of not blogging regularly and not having published a book in four years, I declared that I wasn't much of a writer anymore. Well...I'm a liar. 

Sooo, while I haven't written much in the way of fiction or metal reviews, I have been working on a couple of books of a different variety: prepping and finance. I wrote a succinct guidebook on urban prepping that I recently finished, edited, and published on Amazon. *GASP* I published a book and didn't tell you guys?! Yes, I admit it: I recently published a book. Here's the cover of the book:

The title tells you all you need to know about the contents, and it's short - hence why it's "succinct". Why did I write a book on urban prepping? Well, I think it's no secret - in looking at all my content here on my blog over the years - that I am a prepper at heart. Some of it was learned growing up, some of it was out of necessity living as a poor urban-dweller, and the rest of it because I'm passionate about preparedness. I've weathered many power-grid-down moments in all my years in the city and having a stockpile makes sense for me in more ways than one.

I didn't promote the book or mention it to anyone before today, except one person. And you know what? The book is doing quite well on Amazon - more so than my other books if I'm being honest. Here's a screenshot from Amazon from just this morning:

It's been the #1 New Release in that category for a few days now. I know it's a small victory, but the victory is very sweet for me. It's also put a small spark back in The Write Life for me, and I feel a bit reinvigorated.

So, what's next for H.A. Larson? I'm currently working on a book for how to get your finances together when you're poor. This, as you all know, is something I'm well-versed in.

It's going to be a beautiful Sunday today and I'm definitely going to get out and enjoy it. I hope you do, too! And, if you'd like to check out The Urban Prepper: A Succinct on this link. 


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