The Future is Always Uncertain


In life, the future is always uncertain. Stock markets, relationships, jobs, kids, even our own demise, can never be predicted with certainty. Sometimes we can come close to figuring it all out but, for the most part, we just don't know.

This brings me to the point of this post: my writing and blogging life are, like everything else, uncertain. There's a part of me that thinks that I will eventually get back into the swing of it all, but I'm starting to understand differently. Like I mentioned a few posts back, I thought I was being lazy - but that's just not the case. I'm more productive now than I have ever been, yet my writing has taken a backseat to everything else going on in my life.

More than that, I think I just don't have the fire for it anymore. When I first began writing books and blogging, it was like a compulsion. It was the first thing I thought about every day and I would start every day by writing on my books and thinking about blog posts. 

After I went through a rough few years in my personal life, I practically quit altogether. I figured once the dust settled, I would eventually get back into my old routine. But, you know what, I haven't. So, what has changed? Simply put, I just don't seem to have the fire for it anymore. I'm not a writer anymore - or at least not in the way I used to be. Sure, I still enjoy writing blog posts here and there, but I find myself unable to sit down and put them together like I once did. 

Instead, my life is on a different path than when I first started this journey. I'm older, I'm almost an empty-nester, I'm single and loving it, I'm working towards financial independence, and I'm going to buy a house early next year. On top of that, I have big plans for the next few years and it takes much of my spare time to plan and prepare for these things. 

It's evident that I have moved on from my past and am moving towards my future. There's not a damn thing wrong with that, but it's just different than what it was. I can also say with certainty that my life is very fulfilling as it is, and I'm enjoying the ride more than I ever have.

So, will I give up writing completely...well, I already have for the most part. What I enjoy, and will still do, is write here on my blog, will be when I feel like blogging and not on any set schedule.

I'm grateful to all of you who've stuck by me all these years by buying my books, subscribing and reading my newsletters, and following my life as it unfolded here on my blog. You will still be able to follow my life as it unfolds on the blog - it just won't be happening as often. As for writing stories and books, will I ever write those again? Who knows? I know I sure don't. But, if I do, you'll be the first to know.

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend, friends. I'll be posting here again, I just can't tell you exactly when.

Sincerely, H.A.


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