Back at It


Remember when my whole life was hyper-focused on walking and hiking? Yeah, too.

See, here's the thing. Last year was a bitch and, as a result, I got lazy and put some weight back on. Then, when I was moving back in April/May, I tore the meniscus in my right knee. At first, I thought I had strained a muscle, so I let it go for a few months before I went to the doctor to take care of it. This only contributed to the laziness that had taken over my life. Just when it was feeling a bit better, I took a nasty fall and reinjured it all over again. Laziness covered me like a big comfy blanket, and I refused to get out from under it.

And you know what? I was really feeling it. My mind and body were both feeling it. It didn't feel good.

Over the weeks, I began to notice that my knee was finally on the mend. The twice-daily dose of two Aleve tablets turned into one Aleve tablet twice a day and then, I didn't need any Aleve at all.

I began hiking once or twice on the weekends, taking easier trails and flatter paths.

Recently, though, I started doing something I haven't done in well over a year: I started taking short walks on my lunch break again. 

And you know what? It feels great. 

I'm ready to be back at it.

I am back at it.


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