It's Always Good to Come Home


I returned home this past weekend from a much-needed vacation and it felt great. Getting out for some travel and adventure is amazing but nothing beats coming home at the end. It was good to sleep in my bed again and be surrounded by familiar things.

As for the trip itself, my daughter and I flew down to Texas to spend a week with my Mom. It was one of those win-win-win situations. The reasons being, I had enough airline miles to fly down for free; we stayed with my mom, thereby getting free lodging; my mom has been going through a rough patch so it was good to be there for emotional support; and Texas is a big place with lots of fun things to do. We went to a few national parks and were able to celebrate my grandma's birthday with her before we flew back home.

It's also been incredibly nice not working a second job. I have my evenings free again and it's allowed me to be around to make dinner, take care of household chores, and prepare for our move. As far as that move is concerned, we can start moving in at the end of next week! I'm so excited to be starting a new chapter of my life and it is significant for me as it's a new beginning. After all that I've been through in my adult life thus far, it feels great to get a fresh start and to have solid goals that I'm working on. Most importantly, I can do it all for myself. My life is my own and I can live it and plan it how I choose, and it's the most liberating feeling in the universe.

Like I mentioned in this previous post, it's a busy period for me so things will be relatively quiet while I move into my new place and clear out/clean up the old one. Until then, have a great rest of your week, my friends.


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