I'm Getting Settled


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It's been far too long since my last post, but, to be fair, I did warn all of you that I was heading into a busy period. I wasn't joking when I said busy, either, because it's been a non-stop whirlwind since then. The majority of my time has been spent moving into my new place. Since I moved less than a mile from my old place, I've been moving every single day as opposed to moving everything at once. There are some great advantages to this as it has allowed me to bring a load over every day and get everything put away. This coming Saturday, I will get the last of my big things in here and we will be able to finally call it home-home. We (my daughter and I) have been living here for a week now and we have what we need, but it will be nice to finally have our beds here (air mattresses work, though!) and our t.v. 

Another advantage I have is that the lease on my old place isn't up until the end of next month, so it gives us plenty of time to move before we have to deal with all the stuff that is left. A garage sale or two, a few dump runs, and a massive cleaning will all take place. So, while I still have a month of work to do, I'm halfway there. 

Earlier this week, I got my computer over here and my office space set up, followed by the hookup of my internet service. For years my home office was half of my old, small dining room table so it feels quite grown up to have an actual office. I scored a free desk from a friend of a friend, another friend gave me a nice printer she wasn't using, I purchased a small filing cabinet, and I rounded it all out with my desk/office supplies. It's quite inspiring, honestly, and much-needed as I work from home half of the time and write from home as well. I can't wait to be finished moving so I can truly get back in writing mode.

For far too long I felt uninspired as I lived an unhappy life where I felt stuck - in more ways than one. That drive is back, but I still need to put it to the side until I get finished with this move. Every day, though, I'm getting closer, and I'm so ready to fully close the chapter on my old life and move forward with this one. Until then, friends, my posts may or may not be a bit sporadic as I move through the month of May. Either way, I will be back. This time for good.



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