You are who you Create

Life for me, as it is with most people, is a series of ups and downs, failures and successes, and trials and tribulations. It is these series of lows and highs that help us become the person that we're meant to be. After all, if we don't experience the good with the bad, how do we grow? How do we learn? How do we become wiser?

For years, I tried to figure out my place in the figure out who I was. What I discovered was that there was nothing to figure out. You are who you create. In other words, what I am is a creation of my life experiences, the choices I've made, the people I've known, and the activities I engage in. More than that, this is not a static process, but rather a fluid one. Who we are evolves and changes as time goes on, and doesn't stop until the day we die. And if at any time, we decide we don't like who we are or where we're going, we can make the necessary changes to remedy that. There's no need to stay the same.

The realization that I create who I am was tremendous for me. Not only does it free me from this need to figure out who I am, but it also lets me plan and shape my future accordingly. What a novel idea, right? It's so simple that I'm actually a bit disappointed that I didn't figure this out sooner.

I have a new, refreshed purpose for my life now. I am no longer waiting for my "true form" to reveal itself, but rather I'm shaping my future by envisioning how I'd like that future to be. I'm embarking on a new quest for knowledge, something I had previously thought I had closed the door on permanently. This will take me on an entirely different path than the one I was on, and one I never would have envisioned just a few short months ago.

In essence, I am creating a new me. The core part of who I am will always be the same, but the rest of me is changing. It always was, honestly, I just couldn't see it for what it was. I am who I create and I am creating a me that I never could have envisioned.

To the future!


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