NYE Prix Fixe at Modern Love

Photo courtesy of Instagram/Modernloveomaha

Before we get too far away from the beginning of the new year, I want to share with you the fantastic NYE prix fixe meal I had at Modern Love. I follow Modern Love on a few social media sites, and when they announced this meal, I made reservations right away. I invited my friend, Rebecca, to join me and when NYE finally arrived, off we went to enjoy a much-anticipated dinner.

We started off by ordering a drink. We both got the Honee Ginger Wine Spritzer - a delightful concoction of apple honee, ginger juice, and prosecco - that we sipped on while we waited for our meals to come.

Here's the actual menu for the prix fixe dinner. Rebecca ordered the Eggplant & Olive Lasagna (which was fantastic in its own right) while I ordered this magnificent four-course meal.

I was excited for the first dish, Sausage Jambalaya, to arrive as I was ever so curious about the vegan egg. Just look at it! Isn't that amazing? The jambalaya itself was delicious, filled with fennel seitan sausage, topped with the vegan egg, and surrounded by cauliflower 'shrimp'.

On a side note, I ate just a few bites of the first courses then had them boxed up, or I wouldn't have had room for the main course.

Next up was the Dumpling Noodle Soup. Black-eyed peas and collard greens were perfectly balanced in a hearty broth filled with noodles. Nestled on the side were two delicious chive dumplings. Simply gorgeous and tasty.

The course that I saved my appetite for arrived looking exactly how I had hoped it would: crispy and mouth-watering. The Fried Tofu Chick'n batter was insanely crispy and the mashed potatoes with its simple White Pepper Gravy were a perfect complement to one another. On the side was Purple Coleslaw. While I'm not a coleslaw fan, as I hate soggy greens, this slaw was actually not soggy and the taste was right, so I ate a few bites. Rebecca loved it and took the rest home with her leftovers.

Originally, when I saw the menu online, they were going to serve Death by Chocolate Cheesecake, but I wasn't disappointed to see they were instead serving Raspberry Champagne Tiramisu. Delicate layers of champagne-soaked spongecake, coconut mascarpone, and raspberry coulis made for a heavenly dessert that I ate every last bite of.

After the meal was over, I took my glass of prosecco (which you could get before or after the meal) and languished in the euphoria that only comes from eating a divine and exquisite meal. Afterward, Rebecca and I made our way to our respective homes. I enjoyed a quiet evening, as both my children were gone, where I watched a movie, had a few drinks and rang in the new year feeling happy, thankful, and relaxed.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends. 


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