Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2019


This past weekend, I traveled to Kansas City with my kids to attend the annual Kansas City Renaissance Festival (KCRF). If you know anything about me by now, you'll know my absolute love for renaissance faires and pretty much anything related to that time period. I always go to the Nebraska Ren Faire every year - which rivals any larger one - and then try to go one of the bigger ones in the Fall. Usually, that means the KCRF as it's the closest to my home in Omaha.

I got an Airbnb for the whole weekend so we wouldn't have to rush around on the festival day, which made for a much more relaxed and fun trip. We met up with my friend Audrey there, which we usually do almost every trip to the KCRF. Bonus score this year as she won free tickets for all of us from her local radio station. 

The kids went off to do their own thing while Audrey and I walked around - after I grabbed a glass of meade for my Jolly Roger (picture forthcoming). She told me she needed to grab some Garlic Garni from the garlic vendor before we left the area because "it's good on bread, pasta, meat..." I asked her if it would be good for the souls of my enemies. I grabbed a bottle for myself so I'll answer that question the next time I do some baking. Hopefully, it makes them more tender and delicious.

We always wander through the Enchanted Forest to check out the Fairie House competition. Someone, I'm guessing kids, make Fairie Houses and they eventually get judged and prizes, I assume, are awarded. I don't know any of that for a fact, but I would bet that's how it all goes down. At any rate, there are always a bunch of them and they are all interesting to check out.

I caught the Plague Doctor checking out prospective patients from the London Bridge.

The Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom. God Save the Queen!

Ahh, what Ren Faire would be complete without minstrels?

Or a parade? I don't make a point of checking out the parade that much anymore, but as I was stuck in the longest line ever for a Beyond Burger, I had time to check it out this year.

My Jolly Roger filled to the brim with a Revenge of the Dragon Nitro Stout. Jolly Roger is a skull mug I bought many years ago at the KCRF and I take him with me to every Ren Faire I go to. He's aptly named after the infamous Skull and Crossbones Pirate Flag. Yo ho ho and a can of stout!

Every faire, I try to check out different stalls and entertainment. This year, Audrey and I got tickets for the King's Happy Hour. This 21+ event is held in one of the Festival pubs and includes two drinks, a plate of hors d'oeuvres, and bawdy entertainment. I laughed quite a lot as it was a fun show. Best hour of the day!

So, there is another successful faire under the chastity belt. We enjoyed ourselves and took in all the sights and sounds of the festival. Now, it's time to relax and ready ourselves for the Nebraska Ren Faire come spring.


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