Full-On Hiking Season is Back

Stairs at Schramm State Recreation Area (SRA).

Now that Spring is in full bloom, I am getting out to hike on both days of the weekend (provided I don't have other plans) and half of the time with the kids in tow. The Teen has always liked to hike, provided that he wasn't too busy with his friends, but Nature Girl has largely avoided hiking over the past couple of years.

A trail in Schramm SRA.

She's started hiking with me again now that the weather has warmed up, and I'm grateful for the time we can spend together doing something we both love. 

The fish hatchery ponds at Schramm SRA.

Make no mistake, though, solo hiking is still something I enjoy immensely. There's nothing more peaceful or therapeutic than hiking all by myself, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The geological rock wall at Schramm SRA.

These four photos were taken during one such solo hike out at Schramm SRA (state recreation area). Schramm is an easy hike located in a diverse park. The hike from your car and back to your car taking the longer of the two trails is just shy of three miles. 

I took this shot after I left Schramm that day. It's located next to the Platte River and I stopped at a pull-off to see how it looked.

Picnic time during our Loess Hills Adventure.

The day after the Schramm hike, I took the kids on one of our Loess Hills Adventures. I've talked about them extensively in the past on this blog, but, basically - and since we live next to the Loess Hills - it consists of picking three or four spots in the Loess Hills to visit, packing a lunch, and hitting the road. The spots will consist of a museum/visitor's center, a picnic spot, a hiking spot, and will end with a winery. It's a great way to spend a day with my kids.

Here we are hiking in Waubonsie State Park, nestled in the Loess Hills.

When we reached the top of the Hills on the ridgeline, Nature Girl felt free and victorious so raised her and her brother's arms. I mean, I can't really blame her...it's quite a feeling to reach the top and survey the amazing view.

A shot along the ridgeline at Waubonsie.

A view out over the landscape from the ridges of Waubonsie. For those of you who don't know, we had extreme flooding in Nebraska/Iowa and you can see all the water in the background. Normally that's all dry farmland.

No trip to Waubonsie would be complete without a stop at Sugar Clay Winery, one of my favorite wineries. They make the best wine and mead. This is their heavenly blackberry mead. I will drink anything if it's infused with blackberries.

While I hiked in every season over the past year, I have to admit that it's wonderful to hike in the Spring. The weather is perfect, the bugs aren't really out yet, and everything looks new and green. To me, nice weather weekends make the most sense when you can spend some of it like this. We're halfway to the next weekend and another weekend of hiking. Where will the hiking bug take me? We shall see. Until then, have a great rest of your week my friends.


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