It's All so Bittersweet

While there are still a couple of days before May is officially over, the month is pretty well wrapped up. This is a bittersweet reality for me as May has proven to be the busiest, hardest, craziest, most productive, and most incredible month for me. Many great things happened:

  • A small, but wonderful, convention happened the first weekend. I got to connect with many old and new friends.
  • I hosted a large planning meeting the next weekend.
  • Mother's Day was also the second weekend and I took a fun Day Trip Adventure with my husband and kids.
  • The third weekend saw a huge milestone: The Teen graduated high school! I hosted family and friends from near and far. It was a lot of work, but I couldn't be more proud of him and happy for his future.
  • Then, the last weekend (this past weekend) saw the fruit of a year and a half of hard work and planning come together with a large convention that I was intimately involved with. While it had its snags, it was more successful than I could have imagined and I will live with these memories for the rest of my life.
In between all of these things I had several meetings each week, I worked a full-time job, I blogged here and wrote a short story for a series of newsletters, I kept up a house, and I was involved in my usual organizations & obligations. 

Now that I'm a couple of days removed from everything - and don't have a single meeting or other obligation this week - I've been sitting around processing everything. Last night was probably the first night in quite some time that I got a decent amount of sleep. My brain just refuses to be quiet long enough for me to get a full eight hours yet, but the six I got was the best I've gotten in a few weeks. I anticipate that in a few more days, I should be back to my regular daily routine.

I'm now looking forward to a few weeks of decidedly quiet days where I can just relax, decompress, and unwind. After that, I have a family vacation planned and a book to work diligently on. I'm looking forward to all of it. 

While I am exhausted, I am exhilarated. While I'm looking forward to some rest, I'm excited about all that has come to pass. I'm sad in some ways that it's all over, but I'm also energized and revitalized. It is bittersweet for sure.


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