Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a rock star, and I'd be a liar if I said that I never entertained that notion now and again. The fact is, I do sometimes - in the far recesses of my mind - envision myself as a rock star.

My dad thought television was pollution for the brain, so we spent our time listening to records and the radio. When I was growing up, I would turn up the stereo every time a kickass song would come on or if I put on a record album, and I would play air guitar and belt it out at the top of my lungs.

I no longer belt out songs in my living room while playing air guitar (okay, so maybe I do....sometimes), I still imagine myself being a musician. While I don't envision myself being a bonafide rock star, I do see myself making music one day.

It's funny how, as you get older, your dreams change from ones of grandeur to those of realism. I know I'll probably never be a famous musician, but I also know that making music is completely in the realm of possibility. In this day and age, one can create anything they want and easily put it out there for the world to see. I'm a poster child for this, making, creating, and publishing my own books.

No longer does a writer have to wait for a chance at a publishing contract in order to publish a book. No longer does a director have to wait for studio backing to make a movie for the world to see. And, no longer does a musician have to wait for a record label to notice them in order to make their music. While getting contracts and studio backing are still the ultimate dream for many creative people, it's not essential anymore to finding success. Writers can publish their own works (like me) through places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Directors can shoot movies on their phones (yes, on their phones!) and upload them to YouTube. And musicians can record music with a few simple pieces of equipment and a free computer program, then upload them to places like Soundcloud and YouTube.

So, someday when my kids are all grown and out on their own, I'm going to try my hand at making a little music. Will I ever be a big rock star? No, probably not, but I'll make sure to not rule that possibility out entirely. Go forth then, and create that thing you want to create. The only thing stopping me, you, or them, is ourselves.

Have a great weekend friends.

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