My Ipsy Favorites: Part Two

Recently, I posted about my Ipsy favorites. I had decided awhile back to start posting favorites on occasion because you can see what I've liked and used, as opposed to just seeing what I've received. Why? Well, honestly it's because I don't always like or use everything I've gotten, and because I feel like I should give at least a brief report on those items that I do like. At any rate, here's part two of my faves!

The item on the left, is in here by accident! It's a Maybelline product I picked up at the drugstore, so I'm not going to review it here. 
The second item is Smashbox's Camera Ready primer. It has that nice kind of tacky texture that helps makeup adhere to your face, so I like to use it for special occasions when I want a fuller coverage that lasts for a few hours. 
The third item is Boo Boo Cover Up by Boo Boo Cover Up. It's got pretty good coverage for hard to conceal areas. I dab it onto blemishes or other problem spots, let it sit for a bit, and then tap it in with a sponge.

Chella's eyebrow maker -- it is an eyebrow cream contained in a screw cap on the bottom and also comes with an angled brush that is covered up as well -- makes deliciously perfectly pointed eyebrows. 
The Mad Lash mini mascara by the Balm is black as night, has good coverage, and I can lay it on thick and chunky for hitting up a metal show. 
However, when I prefer a more even and elegant mascara look, smashbox's X-rated mascara is better. While the Mad Lash has a hard, plastic bristle (perfect for blobbing on), the X-rated wand has numerous, soft bristles.

The black and silver pen on the end is a triangle-shaped eyebrow pencil that I used completely up. While I wasn't fond of it at first, I got used to it's unique shape and ended up liking it quite a bit. I used it up entirely. I have to admit in hindsight though, nothing really beats a pencil-powder combination. 
The item in the middle is Seraphine's Liquid Coal eyeliner in black. Ever since Almay introduced their felt-tip liquid eyeliner years ago, I've been a huge fan. In fact, I always use a black, felt-tip eyeliner on my tip lids, and this one - while possessing only a small tip - is perfect. It is black as night and covers well without easily smearing. 
The last item is Skinn's Bright Eyes nude eyeliner pencil. I love this item! I use it on my water line to brighten up my eyes. This is especially great on work days when I'm tired in the mornings. It really perks up my eyes and showcases them.

Ofra's Banana highlighter really has a banana-yellow color. It's a subtle highlighter that I love for a day look.
The bottom left item is a bronzer/contour pot. I've used it quite a bit as a blush, but I have used it as a contour as well. While some people would lament how it doesn't apply as well as one would like...for my purposes it has worked great.
Seraphine's Ginger + Gold peachy blush is awesome. I use it for times when I don't want a pinkish blush, and the coverage is perfect. In fact, I stopped using the bronzer for blush after I got this one.
Last up is Urban Decay's Afterglow highlighter. Now, this is THE night highlighter to have. With a flesh-colored undertone and a bright, almost glittery overtone, it's the perfect way to highlight your face for a night on the town!

And there you have it, the second of two posts about my ipsy favorites. It won't be the last, not technically, as I will no doubt show you some more of my faves in the future. Until then, have a great Wednesday and a great rest of your week. This weekend, I'll be posting from the road...stay tuned!


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