August Subscriptions

Good morning! I'm back with another post about my monthly subs. If you follow my blog you already know that once a month I get an Ipsy and a Lousiville Vegan Jerky subscription. Today, I'm going to combine both into one post.

Here's my August Ipsy sub bag and it's contents.

This is Neuma's hair-styling, smoothing crème. I've gotten some interesting hair care products from Ipsy, and I'm starting to use them on the weekends. Why only weekends? Because I only do basic makeup and hair for work. It's just too time-consuming to go all-out for work, besides, I believe in saving my best looks for going out and such.

This is the second Formula X nail polish I've received from Ipsy. The first was a gold, and this is a pale, opaque pink. It's called Dollface.

This three-toned bronzer from Beaute Basics looks interesting. I've received one other bronzer from Ipsy and like that one, I'll use this one as a blush. I admit, I'm not into bronzing or contouring. I only do contouring on the very rare occasion, but they make really great blushes. I'm excited to try this one out.

This is tarteist mascara from tarte. I'm excited to try this! I love the different mascaras I've gotten over time from Ipsy, and since this is my first product from tarte, I'm, again, excited.

This is a liquid lip color from Trust Fund Beauty. It's not the first product I've gotten from them, from Ipsy, although it's the first liquid lip color from them. My last item from this line was a nail polish. Ipsy has a theme every month, and they base it off your personal profile, so this and the pale pink nail color are part of that.

Last, but not least, is my Louisville Vegan Jerky subscription! I love this sub so much! In fact, the one on the far left (the Maple Bacon) is from last month's sub because I try and stretch them out to make it to the next month. I guess I succeeded!

Anyway, the sub is one bag of a test flavor and two bags of their standard flavors. This month's test flavor is Sweet Chili Garlic. YUM! It's my new favorite next to the Carolina BBQ one, and this one packs a kick. It's got the flavor of sweet thai chile sauce with a backnote of garlic. How can you go wrong?!

The other two flavors are the Bourbon Smoked Chipotle and Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper. I love both of those, as well as the Maple Bacon from last month. Oh, hell, I love them all!

I hoped you enjoyed my subs as much I did. Have a fantastic day!

Love, H.A.


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