Pondering and Other Thoughts

Good morning!

I hope you're doing great today.  Like usual, I've been busy with various things, and like most creative people I'm disorganized for the most part.

My kids are now on intersession following parent/teacher conferences.  I had my daughter's yesterday, and today I have my son's.  My son had told me that his conferences were tomorrow, but upon checking the school's website this morning I discovered that it is actually today so I had to shuffle my job around.

I accepted a part-time job back in January so I would have more time at home to focus on my writing, and so I could have more flexibility where my kids are concerned.  My sweet daughter more than likely has ADD and it is affecting her ability to focus at home and at school.  I have an appointment set up for this coming Tuesday to get assessed by a children's behavioral health specialist.  While I'm slightly relieved, I'm a bit anxious.  It's just the mother in me I suppose, the feeling that I have failed her in some way pushes itself to the forefront of my mind.

When my son was in kindergarten, it became obvious that his speech and writing were developmentally behind his peers, and I can remember sitting in a meeting with his teacher and the school's speech specialist.  That day, I felt the same as I felt last night at my daughter's conference.  That feeling of having failed my child mixed with a sense of hopelessness.  I realistically know that neither of these situations is within my control, but it's still hard to deal with anyway.  I'm going to remain hopeful and optimistic, because after all, taking speech therapy at school for a few years was one of the best things that ever happened for my son, and he's done nothing but excel from there.  I just want what's best for my daughter, and I have faith that she will come out on top.

On a lighter note, my second book is coming along nicely, and I'm pleased with where it is going.  As for my first book "Cold", I have had some good, honest reviews from some other authors.  Here are some excerpts:

"Cold is a beautifully written story with a highly engaging narration from beginning to the end. The setting and the relaxed style of dialogues gave the story a strong sense of reality, which I really enjoyed. Though I felt the story was a bit dragging at first, I was taken by Larson’s flawless writing style."

"Cold by H.A. Larson was a joy to read. The novel was extremely well written with great flow and interesting characters. I enjoyed Michael and Jules’ individual struggles with their mother’s death and how they each handled it in their own way. All the characters were vividly drawn with unique voices and distinctive characteristics. The action moved at an appropriate pace as Larson unfolded her tale of ghostly revenge. The scenes with the ghosts were well done and gave me chills."

"Well written, this somewhat 'cosy' ghost story, is filled with believable characters, all of which I felt some degree of sympathy for, even the bad guy."


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