Hoping for a Productive Day!

Good morning friends and fans!

It's been a really busy few weeks!  I know I've said that before, but my outside job has been taking up a good chunk of my time.  After my seasonal job ended, I picked up a part-time position at a new business that was planning for a mid-February opening.  Of course, knowing how construction issues go, they haven't been able to open as scheduled, but we're near the end, and as a result, we've been putting in many many hours getting everything clean and staged.  My whole body hurts today from all the physical labor, which I admit I'm just not used to, and so I'm happy to have the next couple of days off to get much-needed things done around here & give my body a rest.

Today, I definitely need to put in some extra time getting some writing done while I babyshit the maintenence man, hired by my landlord, to put new doors on the house.  I also have to make a run to the bank, the store, and get a haircut for my son.

Things are going well, albeit slower than anticipated, on my forthcoming book "The Melody."  I have decided to publish a new book every quarter, so I have until the end of March to get this one out before I start on my next book, which I have already titled "The Station."  In between those, I have a book of darker poetry coming out, so be looking for that sometime in April.

I'm all relaxed at home now, I've made myself a delicious vegan breakfast scramble (another downfall to working so much is eating crap food), and a nice cup of tea.  I've got most of my social media stuff done for the day, so after I eat I'm going to tackle another chapter.  Have a wonderful day!


H.A. Larson


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