My Top 10 Tips for Life

1. Learn how to use public transportation

Learning how to use and be comfortable taking public transportation is a skill. It means that no matter where you go, you'll have no problem getting around - especially if you like to travel.

2. Use a checkbook register

I know, I know, checks are basically obsolete, but even if you strictly use a debit card, utilize a checkbook register. Knowing how much money you have without having to log into your bank app is the first step in getting hold of your finances.

3. Learn how to cook from scratch

Ever look around your kitchen and think, "There's nothing here to eat," all while knowing you have a bunch of ingredients? Learn to cook from scratch and you'll never go hungry.

4. Don't be afraid to try new things

Seriously, just don't. You'll never know unless you try, so why miss out?

5. Don't sweat the small stuff

Sweating the small stuff has only ever caused stress and anxiety. Save your worry and concern for bigger, more pressing issues.

6. Pick your battles

Some things just aren't worth the time to argue. Know when to let it go and walk away and when it's important enough to fight over.

7. Think before you speak

Take a second to consider the words you want to say, especially during important conversations. It makes a big difference, trust me.

8. Be intentional with your actions

Do things with intention and you'll never feel like you're wandering around blindly without a plan. Much like "think before you speak", think before you act.

9. Don't be in such a hurry

Time is fleeting and only moves quicker the older you get. Slow down and enjoy it more because you'll never get back the time you've already lost.

10. Put aside a little bit of money each time you get paid

It doesn't matter how much, just be consistent. Learning to save money has wide-ranging, long-term, healthy financial consequences.



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