The Long Road Home

A handful of weekends ago, I was relaxing at home when I realized that for the first time in a long time, I felt that the huge weight I had been carrying on my shoulders was lifted. Even better, I felt happiness and a sense of peace. I went to bed that night in good spirits but concerned that these feelings would be gone by morning. Much to my delight, they were still with me the next morning and continue to be.

To shed my burdens and be filled with life again cannot be understated. The past four years of my life have been, without a doubt, a tremendous challenge. I dealt with unbelievable pain, anguish, sadness, loss, helplessness, fear, and insecurity. The maelstrom of feelings buried me in a hole so deep, that I feared ever being able to climb out of it.

But, little by little, life started to slowly turn around. I have walked the long road to get where I belong and, in the process, have created a new life for myself. Sure, some things are the same but so much feels different now. I'm taking better care of myself, I'm getting out and traveling again, and I'm looking forward to the future. Combine that with covid being endemic, and that future looks bright.

To that end, I have been incredibly busy. Work has been insanely busy with lots of paperwork between the Spring and Summer semesters and, on top of that, my whole department is being temporarily relocated while work happens in our building. The moving process has been a nightmare so I'll be happy (and less stressed) when it's over.

Life at home has also been busy for the past few months. I've been preparing for a big trip coming up in June while also taking a quick trip to my Dad's for a family event and a trip a few weekends ago to Denver (post forthcoming!). Last weekend I had company in the form of my bestie from Portland coming to stay 24 hours while visiting family, my son was home for a few days, and we enjoyed an afternoon at the Nebraska Ren Faire (a favorite of mine). 

This weekend, I am backpack camping in preparation for my big trip in June. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I'm so glad it's a three-day weekend for me because it's the last weekend before the BIG TRIP and I will need the extra day to prepare.

I'm still here and, yes, I still have posts that need to go up. But, with life returning to a new normal, I won't be posting any more than I least for now. We'll see what the future holds, shall we?

Enjoy your weekend, friends.



Cas Coffman said…
Can’t wait to read about your Denver trip!!

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