Nothing but Blue Skies

I was hiking the other day when I snapped this lovely photo and I thought about how beautiful it was. It was slightly overcast but the clouds couldn't hide how blue and bright the sky looked, and I thought about how it was the perfect metaphor for my life right now. Indeed, after over two years of hard work - as well as changes that were sometimes difficult - I've finally arrived. 

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place once I purchased my brand new car recently. You all know that I'm a wanderer, adventurer, and traveler at's a big part of what makes me, me. My adventures had become farther between over the past few years as I rebuilt my life and dealt with an old car that wasn't road-worthy enough to leave town anymore. It sucked not being able to go and do the things that bring me happiness, peace, and greater meaning, but I did what I needed to do to get where I needed to be. Part of that was saving up for a down payment on a new car and, after doing a good few months of careful searching, I was able to buy the exact car I wanted at the price I wanted to pay. 

You haven't been able to stop me since. I've already gone out to my favorite hiking places nearby that I couldn't drive out to anymore, I picked up my usual park passes, I spent the first weekend visiting my son an hour away, and next weekend I'll be up in northwest Iowa visiting my dad. 

I've regained the last part of me that's been missing and it gives me a sense of peace that I don't think I've ever felt. I feel like I've been completely reborn and that my life can truly begin again. There are a lot of adventures on the horizon and I can't wait to experience them all. 

Have a great week, friends.



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