Two Weeks of Life in Photographs

Today, I'm going to share a collection of photos I took over the past few weeks. This first one is a shot I took on the banks of the Missouri River near Decatur, NE.

This shot was taken on a lovely Friday night in downtown Omaha.

The remnants of the pagoda-style birdhouse at Neale Woods, just north of Omaha.

I made the best hummus ever recently. It was a carrot hummus served with veggies and pita chips and it looked so pretty on the platter.

My daughter, Eva, has been making fairy houses for years at the OPPD Arboretum in Omaha. This was her latest one, and at nearly 14, I'm happy to see that childish spirit alive and well.

The last vestiges of the Sun can be seen in traces amongst the clouds in the sky as we leisurely walked around Wild Heron Haven in Omaha, NE.

A frog friend in a pond in Ashland, NE.

Grapes for next year's wine in the vineyard at Cellar 426 in Ashland, NE.

The lighthouse at the closed-up Linoma Beach hints at its former greatness near the banks of the mighty Platte River in Nebraska.

Have a great rest of your week!


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