Sunrise at Stonehenge

Image courtesy of Getty.

Stonehenge is one of the most famous and popular prehistoric monuments in the world. Henges are rings of standing stones that are found throughout the UK, although there are different kinds and Stonehenge is unique to henges. I myself visited a henge when I was in Ireland called Grange Henge

While the exact purpose of henges is unknown so debated to this very day, Stonehenge has some interesting characteristics. Some of its monolithic stones line up perfectly with the sun during Winter Solstice, and some for Spring Solstice. For this reason, and simply because it's awesome to behold, many people make the trek to the monument during Spring Solstice to see the sun rise magically through its stones.

Since Covid-19 has hampered this year's trek, Stonehenge, in collaboration with English Heritage, will be live streaming the sunrise during Spring Solstice from Stonehenge. Since I've never actually been able to visit (yet) myself, I'll definitely be tuning in. If you'd like to tune in, as well, you can find out how on the Facebook event page.

Just make sure you calculate the time zone difference so you don't miss it! I'm in the CST time zone, so I'm six hours behind. This means I'll have to tune in at 10:52 pm on Saturday, June 20th, to catch the sunrise at Stonehenge. If you need some help figuring out the difference from where you live, this handy website can help.



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