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At the beginning of 2018, I had at my fingertips, three different books that I was working on:

1. A paranormal thriller, which the majority of the books I've written are. The exceptions are The Box, my work of horror, and Deep, Dark, and Lovely, my book of poetry and essays.

2. A straight-up cyberpunk/dystopian tale. This is not my usual brand of fiction, but I had an interesting idea and I ran with it.

3. The first in a trilogy. The trilogy is a mythos/fantasy trilogy that, again, is not my usual brand of fiction but I, again, had an interesting idea and ran with.

Now, fast forward to the beginning of 2019. A year of inner turmoil had stomped my creative drive, my desire to write, down into the blackest of voids. This means that I was so far removed from those three books, that, not only was I far removed from my connection with them, I wasn't really interested in writing them anymore...well, at least for now.

Instead, when my desire to create and write did come back a few months into 2019, I came up with a whole new book idea. This one is a horror novel. I loved writing paranormal fiction about ghosts and things you can't see, but I'm a horror fanatic at heart. In fact, my last book, The Box, was a horror story but still had a slight paranormal element to it. This will be the case with my new one as well. Mostly horror with a smattering of the paranormal.

Also, I was asked recently to write a piece on Darkthrone for a local, online metal zine, Slime and Grime. Darkthrone is one of my favorite bands of all time, and they recently put out a new album, so I was more than happy to oblige. The creators of the site liked it enough to ask me to write for them as a regular team member, and I accepted. I mean, it combines my two favorite things: heavy metal music and writing. What could be better? As soon as my Darkthrone piece goes live, I'll update the "About Me" section on here to reflect that change.

Last, but not least, I'll finally be going back to my Tuesday and Saturday blog releases here on the website. Until then, have a great Sunday. 


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