Roman History

Julius Caesar

I find Roman history fascinating. When I say Roman history, however, what I'm referring to the Roman Empire from its origins in Remus and Romulus until its collapse in 476 C.E. This was when the Roman Empire became a huge force to be reckoned with. 

Since I'm such a Roman history buff, I couldn't help but decorate a small area in my office dedicated to the most impressive Empire (in my opinion) in history. The framed photos are: Julius Caesar, a map of the Roman Empire during the reign of Caesar Augustus, Julius Caesar's epic proclamation to the Senate of Veni Vidi Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered - roughly), a map of the center of Rome during the reign of Caesar Augustus, and, of course, Caesar Augustus himself.

The pottery pieces that flank the photos were made by The Teen, who was in pottery classes from Middle School through High School. He wanted me to take some pieces for my office and I thought these matched my Roman theme pretty well.

Do you admire Roman history or just History in general? What Empire do you think was the greatest?  Comment below.


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