Being Present in my Now

One of my vacation photos.

Hello from somewhere else! I'm sure you're probably wondering why I didn't put up a post yesterday as is my usual Tuesday custom. Well...I'm on vacation. Now, I'm sure you're saying, "But you usually post while you're on vacation," and you're right.

Not this time.

I read a post by another blogger awhile back where she talked about how she started uninstalling her social media apps when she went on vacation (or shorter trips). Instead of spending what precious time she had away from the grind of her everyday life checking into locations, updating her accounts, and filtering/posting photos, she was being present in her vacation.

Huh. What a concept.

I thought that sounded like a good idea, so Sunday - before leaving town for the second part of vacation - I uninstalled my Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter apps off of my phone. How has this social media blackout been for me? Blissful. Instead of spending half of my vacation time attached to my phone, I've barely touched it, and it's been wonderful. Instead of being distracted, I'm being present for the time away from the harsh realities of my everyday life, and I'm enjoying and savoring every last moment.

I'll reinstall everything before I head for the third, and last, part of my vacation, but I won't be putting up a Saturday post. I'll be very busy on this last leg of vacation as it's part business, but it's also part pleasure and I'll be taking advantage of those moments to the fullest as well.

I'll be putting up detailed vacation posts starting next week, but until then, enjoy your free time. Be present in your now.


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