Updates and Changes

I was thrilled recently to wake up to a Facebook notification on my author page. It wasn't just any notification, but a special one, at least for me. I was tagged in an online article titled "Top 5 Horror Authors the Digital World has to Offer". It's from the Horrorscreams Videovault website, and you can find the article here. Pretty exciting, right? The review was about my book The Box, and it was quite nice, but it did point out a flaw about the book that I already knew: the cover.

I've been in the self-publishing & blogging game for quite some time, and every so often you realize that the awesome website design/book covers you made are not as awesome as you once thought. A couple of years ago, in fact, I redid my entire website and all of my book covers. I have been tossing around the idea for awhile now that I needed to, once again, update my website and change up a couple of my older book's covers, but these thoughts hadn't moved any further than that. 

This new accolade and constructive criticism - which I always welcome - was just the push I needed to bring my ideas to fruition. You'll already notice the update to my website just from reading this post, but if you go to the "My Body of Work" section on this website (located in the menu bar) you will see all of my updated covers as well. 

Since my books are a bit campy and pulpy, I had visions in my head of making a variation of the kind of pulpy book covers that attracted my eye on bookstore shelves as a kid. I ran with my ideas and have created the kind of covers I had envisioned. It's no mystery then that I wanted to do the same kind of idea with my website as well as it's a great way to bring a cohesive aspect to my brand. I'm pretty pleased with the final product and I think you will be too. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. 



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