Memories of Ireland

Good morning, everyone. This morning, I'm walking down memory lane as I remember my amazing trip to Ireland back in 2014. While there, we visited Dublin, Limerick, and Galway. We took the rail to get from city to city and I must say that train travel is a far superior method of getting around. I enjoyed the train trips we took immensely. I was smart enough to take a few video clips, on my phone, of the journey, but I realized that I'm down to the last one of my clips. The reason behind this is that I didn't think through the fact that my phone will only hold a few. While I had saved them initially to my computer, I got a new computer awhile back, and some files got overlooked.

Anyway, I want to save this for posterity, so what better way than to put it here? Besides, it's a fun glimpse into another country. This then is a video clip of the Irish Countryside as we traveled from Limerick to Galway. Enjoy!


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