Good morning friends and fans!

Well, I'm sitting here doing my social media rounds and looking out the window at this gorgeous morning!  It's hard to believe it's January, but I've been spending a lot more time outside.  Today, after the kids get home from school we're going to get out where the trees are and get some exercise.

I've finally developed, almost in entirety, the plot line for my second novella, "The Melody", so now the writing is flowing better.  It's still a month or two from completion, but at least I know exactly where it's going.

I've still stayed true to the course on my diet and exercise plan.  This weekend I drank a few too many beers, and yesterday I was feeling a bit off so I didn't exercise, so I have to spend the week making up for that.  I have plenty of organizational plans that I just started this weekend, so between all of them, it should keep me busy.

Have a wonderful day, and get out an enjoy it at some point.


H.A. Larson


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