It's a new year!

Goodbye 2014, and hello 2015!  I already posted about how I was thankful for all that transpired in 2014, so I thought I'd take a bit of time to discuss what I'm looking forward to in 2015.

I'm looking forward to moving even further ahead on the new journey I've been on.  I'm looking foward to writing a few more books, taking leisurely (and not-so-leisurely) hikes in the woods, camping, traveling domestically and abroad, and spending quality time with the people that matter most.

I'm looking forward to continued and renewed health.  I quit smoking almost a year ago, and as a result, I've gained quite a bit of weight.  So, this year I've recommitted myself to being healthy.  I've also decided to give drinking a break, only indulging on occasion and by having a glass of wine here and there.

I'm looking forward to learning to play some new interests, and finally doing something with all these musical instruments I've been collecting.  Now, with my smoker's voice gone, I can start working on my voice as another instrument as well.  As a writer already, writing lyrics is something I'm looking forward to as well.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to being me, and not caring about myself through other's eyes.  I will only view myself in my own terms, and not worry about the things I cannot change.  I'm ready to rid myself of the negativity in my life and move forward now with as much positivity as I can muster.

For now though, I'm going to finish the last of the xmas gifts for friends that we always exchange well into the new year.  Gifts I've collected from thrift stores and made myself.  This year, it's a neat second-hand gift, a loaf of homemade bread, and some homemade mixed berry jam (my first).

Happy New Year!  May you be looking forward to your best year ever.

All the best,

H.A. Larson


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