So...I'm a few days late on my weekly blog post, but in my defense, I have a perfectly good excuse.  I have finished my book!  After countless hours in front of my computer finishing, and then editing my freshman effort, I'm glad to finally be done.  More importantly, I couldn't be more proud of myself, or a bit nervous, to have finally accomplished my dream.  For sure, this is only the beginning of my journey, and one I hope that you will come with me on.  My novella, "Cold", is now for sale on amazon for Kindle, and will soon be published on Smashwords as well.  I truly hope you enjoy it, and please review it for me when you're done.  And as always, feel free to comment or ask me any questions you might have!

I'm going to spend some quality time with my family before I leave the country next weekend for a much-needed, long-awaited-for solo vacation.   After I get back, I have my next book to work on, which I already have an idea in mind.  Have a wonderful weekend!



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