Black Soul

          My black soul is a raging river, emptying its contents 
          into the sea, 
          My heart swells like clouds in the sky, and beats faster than 
          a raven wing,
          This sadness overtakes me and covers me like a cloak of velvet.

          Tears fall from my eyes and onto the ground in my own personal 
          I am powerless to stop this entity inside me from taking form,
          I cannot breathe in this air of acrid hate and animosity.

          Morning comes and washes me in its fiery glow,
          Awakening outside and inside a person I do not know,
          I rise from the bed I have made for myself.
          From far away across the plains a dark looming cloud takes shape,
          I run as fast as I can to meet it for it is my fate,
          It swallows me up in an embrace that I cannot escape from.

          My life ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean reaching 
          the shore,
          I wander and stumble like a child lost forevermore,
          My black soul is a raging river, emptying its contents into the sea.

             H.A. Larson - 2012


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