Early Spring Hike

Good morning, friends. I had meant to get a post out quicker than this but life has been quite busy lately. I've been pulling extra duties at my job during the week, I've been out of town a handful of weekends in a row, and this past weekend I was super busy at home getting things done that desperately needed to get done. 

One lovely Sunday, though, I did manage to squeak in a lovely, easy hike at one of my favorite local nature spots: Fontanelle Forest. For years, I would get an annual pass but over the past few years, I let it lapse. The Omaha Public Library came to the rescue as they have a wonderful program that lets anyone with a library card get a day pass to several places in the Metro area - one of them being Fontanelle Forest.

This was the first time in several months that I actually strapped on the old day pack and took a legit hike. Granted, it was an easy, short hike as I'm easing back into healthy habits after injury

It was a perfect day with sunshine and a temperate climate. I first walked around their massive boardwalk.

The boardwalk winds around and down by the Missouri River. I could see hints of the passing winter as little ice pieces floated down the current.

In addition to the river, you can the tallest buildings of downtown Omaha as well as the Desert Dome at the Omaha Zoo.

After I had come full circle around the boardwalk, I went off onto one of the forest trails.

It wasn't as muddy as I thought it might be - it is Spring after all - but I also didn't go down into the valley where it undoubtedly was.

There's no better way to cap off a lovely Sunday afternoon outside than with a crisp hard cider. Glacial Till's new Cherry Vanilla variety is dangerously tasty.

I hope your week is going well and that you're planning some fun stuff to coincide with that great weather coming up. I have a few posts to get caught up on, but since I finally have some spare time coming up, I will be getting to those. Happy Spring!



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