A Grand Ol' Makeup Post!

Good morning everyone! I know that I've been a bit lax in putting up a blog post for this website, and even though I'm only putting up one every week, I've been busy the last couple of weeks. Never fear, however, I have two blog posts heading your way! Today's, and then one in a few more days.

The reason I have been busy is that we finally took a real vacation where everyone actually went. I've taken the kids on a couple of vacations (South Dakota and Arkansas), but this was the first time my husband was able to join us! We packed up the car and headed to Denver, CO, where we did numerous great things. I'll save all those details for my next post, which is about the trip, including some awesome pictures. For now though, on to this post!

My June ipsy bag arrived while I was on vacation, and while I was out of town, I stopped at an honest-to-goodness Sephora! It was pretty awesome, so lets's begin.

Here is the June ipsy bag with the contents. I really love the bag this month with it's graffiti print! One look at the design theme of this website, and you'll understand why!  

First up, Juice Beauty's Phyto-pigments Luminous Lip Crayon in color 32 Zuma. It's a deep, dark red, and since I love red lip color, I'm all about it. 

Next up is Urban Decay's lounge eyeshadow sample. I was excited because, even though it's a small sample, not many high-profile makeup brands make it into our ipsy bags. It doesn't specify what the exact color is (although I'm betting I can get it off the ipsy website) but it does say, and I quote, "Is it green or is it red? No, you're not under the influence: this trippy duotone shade actually changes color before your eyes." I say, "Cool!" I can't wait to give it a go.

This item is Marc Anthony's Dream Waves Beach Spray. The idea is to spray it on damp hair and scrunch. I have yet to try the hair products from ipsy, but one of these days, I'm going to spend a day pampering my hair! (As soon as I get more organized. ;))

This is Julie's Nail Color made by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. The shade is a bright and light sea green with the official name of Tropical - 70205. I love nail polishes, and this is the perfect summer color!

Last up from my ipsy June glam bag: Boo-Boo Cover-Up by the company of the same name. I tested some on my hand, and it appears to be a good concealer for blemishes, without being overly cakey or greasy. I always need a good concealer, so I'll test it out this week.

Ahhhh!  When we were in the Mile High City, my teen wanted to go to the mall (go figure), so after hitting up H&M, we came upon a Sephora. The sky opened and the angels sang! I wasn't about to walk on by!

While I appreciate the concealer and foundation I have trusted for awhile from the drugstore, I do have a few blemishes that need a good cover-up! In other words, I need a good foundation. Of course, spending $40 on a foundation for everyday use isn't in my budget, but when I go out on the weekends or something, I would like to be more polished, so I picked up a good foundation by Make Up For Ever. Sephora has beauty consultants, and one helped me pick the right color. I was happy because I had already been swatching several different shades from several different companies on my neck.

The consultant recommended a translucent powder to apply over my foundation to set it in, and I agreed. With a better foundation comes better coverage, and I don't need a colored powder to set it all. I picked up a nice powder brush from the Bare Minerals section to use with it. One can never have too many makeup brushes!  :)

So there you have it! Another fun month of ipsy, plus a small haul from Sephora. Happy beauty!


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