Travel Log

Good morning! I'm finally back with another post. This time, I want to discuss travel logs, and why everyone should have one, no matter where you travel. 

As you all know, I made my amazing trip to Ireland back in late 2014. It was the experience of a lifetime, but what helped make the trip go smoothly was the amount of research I did before we left. Finding out what the local weather is during the time you're there, figuring out which main attractions you want to visit, and any helpful hints were all carefully planned before leaving.

One of the things I read about during my research, was that one should keep a travel log of their trip. You take a notebook, or something similar, with you and write in it every night before you go to bed. The idea is that this will help you remember a lot of the details that one tends to forget over time.

It was a great piece of advice that I took to heart. I wrote in my notebook at least once, but sometimes twice, a day. I go back and read my log now and then, and it makes me happy that I kept the log. There were so many details that I had forgotten: conversations we had with people, the names of pubs & shops we went to, experiences traveling, and all kinds of other things, that I would surely have never remembered so much about that wonderful experience in my life.

When we were in Limerick City, Ireland, we stopped by the Hunt Museum. We checked out the gift shop on our way out and I picked up a cool notebook. Until the other day, it sat in my little vault where I had only made a couple of diary entries. I looked at it and thought, "Why don't I use this as a travel log?" It made perfect sense, so my project lately has been transcribing my log from Ireland into the notebook.

The orange notebook is the one I took my notes about my trip in. The one that looks like a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped is actually the cool notebook I bought in Limerick City. A lady who lives there takes old books and turns them into notebooks. On top is the pen I bought for myself at the Guinness Storehouse. What better way to take Irish notes?

The artisan kept the inside liners (both front and back) intact, and the rest of the pages are unlined, blank paper to take notes in. Pretty cool huh?

As I had used a couple of pages as a diary a few years ago, I ripped those pages out to repurpose the notebook into my travel log. I decided I wanted to keep the sticker and corresponding note I wrote about the notebooks by taping it on the first blank page. Her etsy information is right there in case you decide to check out some of her cool notebooks. I haven't checked to see if her etsy is still active or not.

And there you have it. A cooler than normal travel log that I will use until I fill it up with entries. My husband and I are planning (finally!) a new trip across the pond, and I can't wait to use my travel log. Now, just because you may be traveling domestically instead of internationally, doesn't mean you can't log those trips! We're taking the kids to Colorado next month, and then an adult trip to Chicago in December. You can bet I will log them in here. I want to always remember the fun trips I took...after all, traveling is in my blood.

Always, H.A.


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